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100K Resumes - Professiona Resume Writing Services  


These are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our process, pricing, qualifications and services.  If you have a question that has NOT been answered by this website, require additional information; please contact our office directly by phone or email.


What is 100K Resumes process for preparing a Professional Resumé?

At 100K Resumes we use a simple four step process to ensure that your Resumé is prepared in a timely and effective manner:

Step 1:

Contact us by selecting your Resume Plan Option via our website. We will then contact you by email or phone to arrange a consultation.  This consultation provides an opportunity for us to find out about you and answer any questions we may have regarding your experience, qualifications, education and training.  It also gives you an opportunity to request additional information.  Consultation times can vary anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on your career, level of experience and seniority.  Consults over 1 hour will incur additional charges.

Step 2:

The Resumé is fully prepared and proofed by one of our consultants.  This step typically requires two to four business days once all consultation work is completed.

Step 3:

A second and final proof is sent via email for review, proof and to finalize your new Resumé, Cover Letter or One-Page Marketing Piece.  This is an opportunity for you to make modifications, request additions or identify any corrections.

Step 4:

Once all modifications, additions or corrections have been completed and approved by the client, final copies are printed and electronic files sent via email for use during your career or job search.



Why does 100K Resumes use template pricing?

The reason we use template pricing is to offer you the best value and competitive fees for your money. Each person has unique experiences, training, education, accomplishments, successes, contributions and skill sets.  This means each Resumé must be custom built to the client’s requirements and specifications.  As such the amount of time required can vary widely from client to client and even field to field.  We’ve discovered over the years that even clients with similar titles or roles can have quite different responsibilities, experiences and accomplishments.

Resume companies that don’t use template pricing typically treat clients differently and for the most part try to up-charge them by suggesting they need more time or that their service is superior over companies that provide competitive template pricing fees such as 100K Resumes.

At 100K Resumes Résumés we provide competitive fees that allow you to afford a new and professional written resume, cover letter or one-page marketing piece that will get you noticed by hiring managers and HR directors.


What do all the different certifications or affiliations mean?    

Many times clients/job seekers who have little knowledge of Resumé Writing assume that certifications and affiliations mean that a Writer or Consultant has lots of experience or is more qualified.  In most cases that is correct, so look for a reputable company such as 100K Resumes who are a member of a certified and recognized resume writing affiliation or organization.


What are 100K Resumes office hours and what times are available for consultation?

Typically we do all our business via our website, internet, email and phone. If requested we will meet you at our Calgary office between Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) with last consult meetings at 3:30 p.m.  As we are often in meetings with a client/job seeker or completing a Resumé, please contact our office prior to dropping by.  All client consultation meetings are by Appointment Only and must be booked in advance.  An $85 non-refundable fee will be charged for any appointments which are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance (with the exception of appointments made less than 24 hours prior to meeting).

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