Contingency & Retainer Executive Search Recruitment Services
By 100K Executive

100K Executive Search & Recruitment

Contingency & Retainer Executive Search Recruitment Services

At 100K Executive Search we conduct our business for long-term relationships and look to assist our clients in the short term needs and also long term strategic staffing and recruitment initiatives. We service our clients by supplying them with pre-screened, qualified, experienced and work-ready candidates in areas of Oil & Gas, General Industry, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Construction, “C” Level, Manufacturing and so forth.



100K Executive Search and Recruitment Division offers both Contingent and Retainer services/agreements depending on the position and its urgency. Our Contingency Fee is contingent upon our successful placement of candidates that meet your requirements and there are no upfront fees with total fee paid only upon successful hire of the candidate. In the Retainer scenario our Fee is based on 25% up front with the balance of fee paid upon successful hire of candidate. (This is for harder to fill and senior level ‘C’ positions)

Our Guarantee


100K Executive Search provides a 3 month replacement guarantee which provides employers with a second search process, and hires candidate, at zero cost if the original candidate leaves or is let go for any reason other than the elimination of the position within 3 months of start date.


100K Executive Search & Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a time consuming and expensive process. The cost of an unsuccessful hire can be even more substantial.

At 100K Executive Search we follow a professional recruitment process developed and refined over years of proven best practices within the industry. We are dedicated to finding you the best possible candidate for your position while requiring the least amount of your time and energy.


Position Focus: C-Level, Healthcare, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Finance, Sales/Marketing, Construction, IT Technology


First Stage

We build a corporate profile and develop an in depth understanding of your requirements for the position. If you do not have a job description, we can help you develop one. We can also help with compensation planning and up to date salary comparisons. In addition, we can conduct an exit interview of the employee leaving the position to gather more information about the nature of the position.

We source possible candidates by searching our database of candidates, running targeted recruitment advertising, scanning internet databases and utilizing any relevant professional or industry associations and directories. We also cooperate with other recruiters across Canada and North America, and use our industry contacts to network and directly recruit from competing and related companies.

Potential candidates are qualified by skill set, motivation, career fit, experience, income expectations, location and any other parameters unique to your situation.

Short listing
A short list of most suitable candidates are then professionally interviewed by one of our recruiters and judged critically and in detail against all of the parameters relating to your position.

Second Stage

We will organize client interviews at the location of your choosing.

Reference checking and resume auditing
Before any candidate is hired, we will personally speak with 3-5 reference checks as well as confirm education and employment. We can also perform credit checks and other security background checks as required.

100K Executive Search™ coordinates and facilitates employment negotiations when required, as well as assisting in any immigration and relocation matters.

Third Stage

Following Up
Follow up calls are made at three and six months to client and candidate.

Our Guarantee
There is a 3 month guarantee from 100K Executive Search™. Our retainer and contingent fees are based upon us being successful in the search.