Frequently Asked Questions

100K Executive - FAQ

Will you sell my email address? No. All of your contact information will be kept strictly confidential. 

2. How do I post a job? To post a job on 100K Executive just create an Employer Account. 

3. Does my company have to pay a fee to post a position? Yes, there are various Job Listing Plan Options for you to choose from and they are vary reasonably priced compared to the major job boards. 

4. I’m wondering if my vacancy/position is right for 100K Executive 
There are only 4 rules we ask that you adhere to: 

1. The position must pay at least $80,000 a year gross, which includes base and on target bonus/commission, plus benefits etc. (In some circumstances we will accept $50k+ opportunities) 

2. The position must not be a multi-level or a investment scheme. It must be a salaried, non-entry-level employment position. 

3. The position must be currently open and accepting resumes. 

4. The position may be an independent contractor opportunity with a salary + bonus and commissions exceeding $80,000 a year gross and renewable annually. 

5. How long does my job posting stay on 100K? We strive to give Employers and Recruiters great exposure to find and source a candidate/employee, therefore, your job posting will remain on our website for 60 days (two months) We provide quick access to new positions and companies on a regular and focused response basis. If you have not filled your position, then you can renew after 60 days.  

6. What kind of response can I expect? Employers’ feedback is that they are very pleased with the consistently high-quality candidates they receive from 100K Executive Although we are well linked in the search engines, the majority of our executive candidates are referrals from other successful candidates, and word of mouth referrals from other recruiters. This equates to a talent pool of highly skilled professionals and executives. 

Being very specific in job requirements can help ensure that you get the targeted response you want. It helps to include a compensation range. We will work with you on the most appropriate way to post your job listing. 

7. I want to post a job confidentially, so that my identity and company name will not appear? Is this possible? Absolutely. You have the option to keep all of your contact information (Name, Title, Company, Address, and Phone Number) confidential. Executives can then apply online with a resume to your email/inbox without knowing the identity of your company. 

9. How does 100K attract "passive" candidates? And who do we consider a "passive" candidate? Passive candidates are those already employed in executive level or professional positions but are not necessarily looking but may be open to other options and opportunities that may advance their careers. Statistics show that passive job seekers remain with one company almost 4 years. Active job seekers average almost 1 ½ years per company. Passive job seekers will work for on employer almost 3 times longer than active job seekers.

10. What if I want 100K Executive Search to find me a employee or candidate for my job vacancy?

We can offer our service either on a "Contingency" or "Retainer" fee basis at a very competitive cost. We also offer a 3 month replacement guarantee.  If interesting in this type of service please email us at