Interviewing Tips for Executives and Professionals
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Interview Tips for Executives

Weíve hired hundreds of people over the years Ė everyone from college interns, Engineers, Sales Managers, MBAs to VPs, Managing Directors etc..

There are certain behaviours exhibited during an interview that are bound to help your chances of getting to a final interview, and ultimately getting that coveted job offer!

1. Have a strong pitch: A pitch is a 30 Ė 60 second overview of what you are all about and what you can do for the company you are interviewing for.† Make sure itís authentic and make sure it resonates with the interviewer. Saying something unique about yourself can set you apart from others.

2. Enthusiasm: Show this during the interview because only the top 10 Ė 20% of candidates do. Make sure the interviewer knows you are excited to be there, and are pleased to discuss your background, your skills and abilities, and how you can bring them to bear on the company you are interviewing for.

3. Do your research: Before you step into that room, make sure you have researched the company, and the opportunity, and the person youíll be interviewing with (if possible). This pre-work will considerably lower your stress level which will enable you to perform better. Think about your strengths and weaknesses and have specific examples of both. It shows that you are self aware, mature and articulate when discussing tough topics. Remember, in the interview process, past performance is an indication of future performance, so make that strong first impression and youíll have an edge over other candidates.

4. Demonstrate that you can think on your feet: No one will know how to answer every single interview question, but you have to be able to think and do the best you can with what you do know. Donít make things up if you are clueless, but creatively make a comparison of how you did something that was perhaps slightly different. If you need to pause to think about a response, feel free to do so. It shows maturity, intelligence and composure.

5. Show that you can persevere: Perseverance is critical in business. We are not always going to win the client, make a profitable trade, or come in under budget. Stay tenacious and constantly strive to raise the status quo. It will pay off in the end. And donít be afraid to ask questions and get feedback when things donít go well. We learn so much when things donít work out so donít let that opportunity pass you by.

6. Close the Sale: Ask for the job and let them know you are excited to contribute to the team and add your skills and experience.

7. Dress Appropriately: Wear your best dress or suit and tie and make a professional impression. The way you dress is a reflection on your self-esteem and professionalism.

There are other qualities to a successful interview candidate, but these rise to the top of the list. Practice your pitch, practice describing your strengths and weaknesses (make sure your weaknesses are not critical to the job), and practice focusing on the question asked and answer it directly. So many candidates wander in a completely opposite direction. These qualities will serve you well!

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